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My Pancreas Adventure is progressing slowly because I prefer to let a bit ‘of time between the various “events” and the story, but since the beginning of November,  I totally reorganized my life and my diet with the constant support of my wife Carole, my family and friends: of those in the United States, in Italy, in France and in many other parts of the world. My stories are moving forward slowly, but I want to keep you informed about my diet.

My recipes are dictated by the need to fight cancer, but it is clear that they do well to all in any case, and they are very good to avoid getting a cancer and to stay healthy.

I bought and read many books on cancer and diet to fight cancer, I learned a lot, and my recipes are a bit different from must because they start from a precise idea: food to fight cancer must be prepared at home and therefore simple; appetizing, but made with organic ingredients; varied, but prepared with condiments and means absolutely healthy.

You must to cook at home because the direct participation of us “The Sick”  to part of all we make to fight cancer is in itself therapy. It is essential for us to learn to take care of ourselves more and better than we have done in the past, we must learn to love yourself which will teach us to love more to others and God; we need so much affection.

My recipes are a fruit of my experience and I know that it is very difficult to change eating habits especially if we are no longer “Spring Chicken”; I know that are going to be tempted to make exceptions at the restaurant or in at friend’s house, and that we will tend to make compromises, so, at least the home, recipes will use only ingredients “must” and “can”. I called “must” the ingredients “necessary” to fight cancer and “can” those we may eat without damage. All other ingredients do not appear.

My recipes refer in general to all tumors, but in particular to that of the pancreas that has a very important role in food digestion.

The use of microwave oven is absolutely abolished; to heat we use steam in or oven. We need a juices extractor for fruits and vegetables as well as a food processor.

At this point I just have to start with the first of the recipes and to wish you Buon Appetito!

Le Mie Ricette

La mia Pancreas Adventure avanza lentamente perché preferisco lasciar un po’ di tempo fra le diverse peripezie e il racconto, ma da novembre ad oggi ho lavorato a leggere, a studiare e ho riorganizzato totalmente la mia vita e la mia dieta col continuo appoggio di mia moglie Carole e di tutti i famigliari ed amici; di quelli negli Stati Uniti e di quelli in Italia, in Francia e in tante altre parti del mondo. Le mie storie vanno avanti lente, ma voglio tenervi al corrente sulla mia dieta alimentare.

Le mie ricette sono dettate dalla necessità di combattere il cancro, ma è chiaro che fanno bene a tutti in ogni caso, per evitare di beccarselo e comunque per stare bene.

Ho comprato e letto tanti libri sul cancro e sulle diete per combattere il cancro ho imparato molto, ma le mie ricette sono un po’ diverse perché partono da un’idea: il cibo per combattere il cancro deve essere preparato a casa propria e quindi deve essere semplice; appetitoso, ma realizzato con ingredienti biologici; variato, ma preparato con mezzi e condimenti assolutamente sani. Si deve cucinare in casa perché la diretta partecipazione a tutto o a parte di quanto noi malati facciamo per combattere il tumore sia di per se una cura. Credo che sia fondamentale imparare ad occuparsi di noi stessi più e meglio di quanto abbiamo fatto; dobbiamo imparare a volersi bene il che ci insegnerà a voler più bene agli altri e al buon Dio. Abbiamo tanto bisogno d’affetto.

Le mie ricette partono dalla mia esperienza: è molto difficile cambiare abitudini alimentari; siamo facilmente tentati di fare eccezioni al ristorante o in casa d’amici e siamo portati a fare compromessi; così almeno le ricette fatte in casa useranno solo ingredienti “must” e “can”. Ho chiamato “must” gli ingredienti “necessari” per combattere il cancro e “can” quelli che si possiamo mangiare senza danni. Gli altri ingredienti non appaiono.

Le mie ricette si riferiscono in generale a tutti i tumori, ma in particolare a quello del pancreas che ha un ruolo molto importante nella digestione degli alimenti.

Alcune informazioni: è abolito l’uso del forno a microonde; si riscalda al vapore o in forno; occorre un estrattore di sughi di frutta e verdura; un food processor è molto utile.

A questo punto non mi resta che cominciare con le ricette e con l’augurarvi Buon Appetito!!!!


2 thoughts on “My Recipes

  1. Mr. Villorisi,

    Read your last 2 posts. Looks like your “theme” is “the fight is on” Mr Cancer.

    I’m glad your true nature is back.

    This is Gerald Moore, HI.

    Paolo… if I may, when we became friends several years back, my wife had just learned she had “Ovarian Cancer”. The news came like you expalined in a early post.. SUDDEN… UNEXPECTED. This is “the LOVE” of my life…what happened because she was a picture of health. Like you, I started reading… going to every medical website… looking at all eating habits… she did not smoke, again WHAT did “we” do wrong?

    After the “shock” and a little time … mentally things got better because I found “your website” about “Italian eating habits”. Called and met Paulo (your employee) then with his knowledge of Olive Oil and your LOVE and knowledge… I found “Italian Olive Oil”!!! … the REAL ONE!!!

    Paolo please look to your “roots… Italy”. The “Way of the small Farmer”, the LOVE and care of the “little people.. young and “Older”. Not like the USA, age and aging is GOOD as long as the family is together and/or “visits”. Very important.

    Back to the Basics in “Food”… your fuel and all “Ways” of life. A Sicilian Olive Oil that I received from your company… enhanced my knowledge.

    My wife (Gwen) beat a “bad” cancer for 5 years. Proper eating with lowered “GMO’d” foods and close to nature… worked.

    After years of “looking” and still looking, I found the “main” food item. Still going… Like you, I looked to China and Japan… found more things.

    Not like you, I still use the microwave… to thaw frozen “Fresh Bread that is not GMO’d”… 20 seconds. “Texas humor”.

    Your Texas Friend,

    Gerald Moore

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